What is Numbered Head Together? – Numbered head together is a cooperative learning strategy that holds each student accountable for learning the material. In this technique each student of group gets the number and their own tasks, but they should decide the best and the appropriate answer for the group by considering each answer of the members of the group.

Students are placed in a groups and each person is given a number.

Number Head Together developed first by Spencer Kagan (1993) to involve more student in learning material which consist in a lesson and to know their knowledge about the material given. Students are placed in a groups and each person is given a number (from one to the maximum number in each group). The teacher poses a question and students “put their heads together” to figure out the answer.

The teacher calls a specific number to respond as spokesperson to the group. By having students work together in a group, this strategy ensures that each member knows the answer to problems or questions asked by the teacher. Because no one knows which number will be called, all team members must be prepared.

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